Samstag, 23. April 2011

Song: Meet me halfway (Black Eyed Peas) Quote: "I made the right choice" (me)

Gosh....almost a year...only one more year and I'm halfway through with many things have changed. For the better. For the worst. Naw- definitley for the better. Met many new fun people, I`m working, studying, traveling, living. I have seen so many interesting new places, learned so many new things, important things. Of course a lot of shit happend, too. I still can't handle the death, can't wrap my mind around it. I miss you, honey! Still thinking about you - don't understand it.
Berlin is great, although I can easily imagine myself living in a different country... I have seen so many great cities lately. I have a need to learn much more in the short time that is left in college...can't believe this should be all. I just started, I can't survive out there on my own ( of course I can, but I don't really want to.

Montag, 31. Mai 2010

without titel

Song: "Night Drive" The All-American Rejects
Quote: "Talk about responsibility" (GA) oder: "Wo schlafen all die U-Bahnen?" (mir)

Das ist eine sehr interessante Frage...wo schlafen denn all die U-Bahnen in Berlin, die ja abends auch mal Pause machen dürfen und nur alle 10-15 Minuten fahren.
Jetzt habe ich auch eine Antwort....da fährt man so nachts müde nach hause und starrt aus dem Fenster in die schöne schwarze Dunkelheit und plötzlich bricht die Wand auf und man kann eine Bahn erkennen....aber nein, das ist nicht die Gegenseite, sondern eben eine schlafende U-Bahn....ich dachte immer, dass die einen Endbahnhof haben, so wie die Busse eben. Aber dass die da einfach so in den Tunneln rumstehen hätte ich ja nicht gedacht...
Ich frage mich, ob es auch einen U-Bahnfriedhof da zwischen den Gleisen gibt....und vor allem....laufen die U-Bahnfahrer dann den ganzen Weg zurück, auf den Gleisen, oder werden sie von anderen mitgenommen?
Nur mal so nebenbei, ich glaube nicht, dass ich U-Bahnfahrer sein könnte...immer nur endlose Gleise vor dir haben, dann wird man ja trübsinnig...und abends immer noch aufpassen müssen, dass die ganzen Besoffenen schön brav am Rand stehen bleiben, bis der Zug eingefahren ist...aber dabei haben sie es glaube ich noch einfacher als Busfahrer...das ist ja dann wohl der absolute Horror...sowohl nachts als auch morgens mit den ganzen Schulkindern....Talk about responsibility....

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

New Background

Song: Bitch (Meredith Brooks)
Quote: I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint. I do not feel ashamed. I'm your hell, I'm your dream, I am nothing in between......

I am searching for a new background for my blog. Found many good ones and can't decide (as always. This one is a little bit dark, but it is growing on me. Minute for minute it's looking better ;) Here and there a few changes in the post-colour and et voilà....
I think I will leave this one, see how it works out...

Changing subject? Big city - many things happen:
Like today, we were waiting for our field trip to "Schloss Charlottenburg" to start, when we heard a woman screeming "Oww...Oww" from across the street along the fore court...some of us ran right away to the accident point:
A taxi had stopped and the (apparently spanish) passenger opened the door and knocked out a bicyclist....well, the passenger didn't see his fault (because he didn't understand a word, of course) and gestured furious...and than: ran least it seemed so from far away...apparently he was searching for a telephone...but the police caught him....luckily for him, one of my fellow students is spanish and could translate (when it was his turn to do his presentation he wasn't with the group...police took him along to the station) in the end the ambulance brought the woman to the hospital and the passanger had to pay money and could catch his flight back home and the fellow student wasn't giving his presentation....
But it is interessting to see how people react in such a situation....

Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

Favourite Words

Sometimes, when you hear words in a different language, you have favourite words. Here are some of mine in English, connected to a text:

Behind the horizon!

Once upon a time , there was this legend of peace. Someone said:
"I promise you, behind the horizon there is a tiny, week light. But if you dare to dunk in it, over the edge of time, it will rise to an enormous warm (but canny) fire and you will smile because of all the happiness you will feel- trust me!
Don't be impatiant - night become day and day returns to night- your time has not come yet!
In your lifetime you might have felt fear and like a victim, but you can forget this bad memories, good ones will follow. You will see a shadow following you, but don't be scared - it's your guardian angel, helping you to find the right path and protect you against all enemies that could poison you. Don't hesitate - ge was always there.
The world is only a place - heaven is another. Forget about the evil - it isn't important. Sooner or later a feeling will rise- you will feel like lying on a pillow and you will hear nothing- only a pleasant silence. You will feel more alive than ever - don't be ashamed, you don't have to feel guilty. It's okay, nobody deserves your tears."

And with this words the almost white creature smiled and took you by the hand an went with you into the light and flew ahead to show you the way - your angel smiled.

"Don't be afraid of death...."

Here I go again

Song: "Looking at the world from the bottom of a well!" (Mike Doughty)
Quote: "The heart does things for reasons, that reason cannot understand...."

Oh my, this semester is so full and language (french :/), new topics (architecture), new friends, new destinations. And I am loving every minute of it. When I walked done the main hall in collage last semester, a laaarge stream of people came across me, all anonymous. And nowadays (one of my favourite english words :) ) from every corner is someone waving at me, greeting me, smiling at me. This is the way I always wanted it ;)
I made plans for the holidays, have applied to internships, have good marks (Ha...despite all evil voices back in school, that I only get my good marks because of my father!) I think it's going very well at the moment.
Well, I take off now, have a long weekend in university ahead of me.

Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

Song: We used to be - Dandy Warhols
Quote: Berlin, Berlin du bist so wunderbar

Sometimes when you don't think about it, it hits you. Some random thoughts. Last time it hits me was two days ago. 0.31 o'clock, I was ready to go to bed, but because of my white curtains my room is bright in my room if outside there is a light. I can't really sleep when my room is bright, so I watched outside my window and - the whole sky was bright, like set alight in an orange colour. Very random for after midnight.

So standing there watching the sky it hits me. I would never had imagined me here in the big city all on my own, being ready with school. But now I am here, living my life. Time is running so fast. I remember latley things from my childhood. Good things, bad things, things where I embarressed myself, funny things. But they are gone. Maybe forever. They will never happen again. Strange thing, this memory.

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

Song: Join me in death
Quote: Nothing is for free, even death costs the life.

I always thought: I am not afraid of death, well, it's just another point that everybody has to past. I thought of it as something normal. But tonight, in Berlin, in a tiny little cinema, in the dark, where a taiwan film was playing it hits me. It was a death-scene, nothing special, something you almost see in every film (this time you even haven't really a connection towards the actors because there where confusing subtitles that didn't last long enough to read them) but my heart tightend and my only thought was: "No, there can't be nothing. Emptiness. No thoughts. It can't be over like this." I don't know where this thought came from. It was different then the thoughts I normally have. I can't really put this into words. But it was a scary moment. I wouldn't say, that I am afraid of death now, but it makes me think: I have to do so many things before I leave the planet...